Sweet Patina

We are so excited to add Sweet Patina to the Level 7 suite of products offered to our customers. As you know, our mission is to provide the highest-quality parts and products that align with our vision to produce high-quality builds and services – and Sweet Patina does just that. On top of that, they have a really cool mission and story. Check it out!

Sweet Patina is the #1 Global Source for Patina Care Products and Vintage Roof Rack Mounts. It is family-owned, USA grown and globally known.

Sweet Patina began a wild and crazy ride a few years ago when they purchased a ’57 Chevy wagon from Boris at Street Machinery. The day of delivery, Blake Evans, founder and creator’s, 3-year-old daughter cried because she thought the car was ugly – the Evans are a family of automotive painters, so she was used to seeing slicked out painted rides. After explaining it was “patina,” she asked if it was Mean Patina or Sweet Patina and the name stuck.

A few short years later, who knew “Sweet Patina” would take the Evans family on such an amazing ride and create friendships across the world.

More on the ’57: the initial plan for the wagon, now known as “Sweet Patina,” was to create the ultimate road trip car for family road trips. Friends loved the catchy name, “Sweet Patina” and encouraged the Evans to create apparel with it. According to Blake, “I was nervous as could be placing an order for 25 t-shirts… because who would buy them all?”

Around this time, Blake and his dad, Terry, began working with the ALS Association to complete a 48-state road trip to raise awareness for ALS – a disease that Blake witnessed first-hand with one of his patients (Blake is a physical therapist by profession). This was a way Blake could combine his full-time job in healthcare with his hobby of road tripping classics. They completed the 48-state road trip in the ’57 wagon in 2021 and raised over $33,800 for ALS Awareness.

More on the products: Chemicals were not originally in the Sweet Patina plan until people kept asking for ways to preserve the patina look without a clearcoat. That’s when Patina “Sauce”R was born. With doubts of who would actually buy it, one thing became clear: like all good automotive “projects,” things snowballed and Sweet Patina has been on one wild ride spreading Sweet Patina goodness globally.

From car wash soap to degreaser to interior conditioner, Sweet Patina has eleven detail products for your vehicle (we personally love the quick detailer and the Century polish) that can be used on gloss, satin, matte, and patina finishes.

Sweet Patina is pedal-to-the-floor when it comes to growing their US distribution program and continue to work with the best manufacturers in the industry to bring products to the market. Trust us when we say you can rely on Sweet Patina’s classic care products for your classic car or truck.