JRI Shocks

It’s been said that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they apply their God-given talents. Jeff Ryan is an ordinary guy who, today, is recognized as one of the most legendary shock innovators in the world - but he didn’t travel a traditional path.

His knowledge for shocks wasn’t learned in a college classroom or out of a textbook. His life of suspension started out simply as a kid with a love for motocross and a mind for machines. His path through motorsports has been a journey around the world where he worked with legendary racers - such as Dale Earnhardt, Nigel Mansell, Rick Mears, Richard Petty, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher and Rusty Wallace - while quietly becoming a shock building legend himself.

Jeff Ryan’s pioneering technologies have supported championship teams from Formula 1 in Europe to the depths of Baja in off-road racing to stock car racing’s highest levels of NASCAR.

At Level 7 we love to work with people who are passionate about what they do and strive for perfection. JRI Shocks is the leading developer, designer, and manufacturer of shocks in our industry providing shocks for both cars, trucks, and motorcycles. They have shocks for anything from drag racing to motorsports to off-roading. We have worked with their products for many years and can develop a customized quote for your application. Call or email us for a quote.