Sweet Patina TKO Hand Cleaning Wipes

Sweet Patina

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Sweet Patina offers a variety of car care and cleaning products—including TKO Hand Cleaning Wipes. These heavy-duty waterless towelettes will be your favorite go-to hand and surface cleaning wipes while wrenching on that killer ride in the garage; on those challenging roadside repairs; when hunting parts and junk yard hopping; on those once-in-a-lifetime barn find recoveries—or just to have around when the convenience of running water maybe scarce.

No more wasting your cold drink and ruining those car show T-shirts to clean your hands! These huge 2-sided wipes are exactly what you need. The abrasive side helps clean the toughest grease, soil, and grime. The smooth side is for the most delicate hands and surfaces. With a new generation of fortified cleaning agents, these wipes include skin conditioners to prevent drying and cracking of your money-makers!