Billet Specialties

Foundation of Quality

Customer Service & Delivery
From its start in 1985, Billet Specialties continuously improved every aspect of manufacturing, engineering, and product development. Glenn’s vision never wavered as Billet Specialties carved its niche as one of the most recognized names in the hot rod industry. Superior product may be the cornerstone, but customer service and delivery are the mortar that holds it together. Our staff consists of automotive enthusiasts that understand current trends and can provide technical knowledge and application information to assist you.

History of the Wheel
Our first wheel was machined in 1989. It was a three-piece wheel. In 1990, two-piece wheels became the standard for the hot rod industry. These innovative designs allowed custom fitments creating the perfect fit for your vehicle.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are one of the few companies who perform all operations of wheel manufacturing under one roof. From design to finishing, all processes take place in our 100,000 sq ft facility located in La Grange, Il, resulting in the highest quality products for your vehicle.

Level 7 believes in working with companies who have the same level of quality products that we produce and use ourselves. We feel confident in standing behind companies like Billet Specialties and their entire product suite. We love that they are made in the USA and are practically our neighbors.