Fiber Forged Composites

A few years ago, before Fiber Forged Composites was conceived, the sister company Zrodz and Customs was just finishing up what would end up being the Triple-Crown-winning, 900hp naturally aspirated 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. This build would include a number of carbon fiber components to enhance the look and functionality of the car. Throughout the build process, they relied on other companies to produce the carbon fiber components for the project. What they learned is that these companies might produce functional carbon parts, but they didn't have the automotive experience necessary to produce carbon parts pertaining to the hot rod and custom car industry. After multiple failed attempts, it was decided that they must build these parts in house. It quickly became apparent there was a need for someone to create composites components for our industry. Someone who understands custom cars, and the people who build them. Ultimately, a decision was made to make a change in our industry: to provide composite parts on par with the ultra-high level of cars being designed and built in today’s world, along with offering cutting-edge processes and services. Enter Fiber Forged Composites, a company forged from the passion for building cars. The goal is to provide the automotive industry with unparalleled composite bodies and components.