Patina “Sauce” Patina Preserver

Sweet Patina

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The Patina "Sauce" is the GO TO product for those wanting to preserve, protect and keep the natural raw beauty and finish of their patina without a glossy oily finish. With family in the paint/ refinish business for over 75 years, there is a reason we don't clear coat over patina.

Over 20 ingredients make up our proprietary blend that makes our product 1 of a kind.

The Patina “Sauce” is a simple WIPE ON - WIPE OFF application process that provides a luminous finish that shows the character, depth and beauty of your patina’ ride. It helps prevent and preserve further deterioration, offers a layer of water resistant protection that helps inhibit rust and polymerizes to a hard finish.

This product will appear glossy during initial application but after a 15-20 cure time and a good wipe off the product will have a matte finish.

Even with the matte/ raw natural finish on the surface the product will continue to repel water for months.