Fragola Fittings

Our Beginnings

F.F. Screw Products started in 1973 as a job shop in a 1000 square foot building that was run as a part time operation with 1 employee. Within 4 years, it changed to a full time operation with 10 employees. In 1982 after years of doing job shop components for many large companies we decided to start making our own product and F-K Bearings was started. At that time we were operating both F.F. Screw Products and F.K. bearing in two separate buildings that were approximately 36,000 square feet combined.

In 1999 after talking to many of our customers who kept inquiring why we didn’t manufacture fittings for the racing industry, Fragola Performance Systems came about.

We are now housed in a 80,000 square foot building with 35 employees, while our sister company F.K. Bearings is across the street from us with their own 80,000 square foot building with 55 employees.

The Fragola Family

All of the companies are owned and operated by the Fragola family. Frank, Mickey, Maria, Al & Debbie have grown up in the business and have worked in every department in the factories. We are now starting on our 3 generation of the family as the grandchildren are learning the business as well.

Our Goal

Our goal has been to make quality products offered at the best possible price with 100% on-time deliveries. We always have a family member or our tech support system available to answer any questions. Because we are family owned we take pride in our companies and strive to be the best we can be. All of our products, (except for forgings) are manufactured in our facilities in Southington, Connecticut USA. We are continually improving our manufacturing process which includes adding in some automation to keep up with product demands and with the cost of offshore competition.