C10 Billet Door Hinges

Fiber Forged Composites

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Fiber Forged Composited now offers the first set of billet door hinges for your C10 pickup.  Not only are these hinges beautiful, but they offer a massive mechanical improvement over the stock hinges.  These hinges were initially designed for the C10 composite doors, so they feature an adjustable indent feature.  So no longer will you have a set of door that do not stay open.

These hinges are machined from eight different blocks of billet and require tons of machine time.  The are flawlessly machined, assembled with oil infused bronze bushings, have a hardened and coated steel check strap, and have dual 15lb. indent springs per hinge.  Whether you have a set of composite doors or factory doors, these are the best hinges you will ever find.

  • Machined from Billet Aluminum
  • Hard Coated Steel Check Strap
  • Dual 15lb. Indent Springs / Hinge
  • Oil Infused Bronze Bushings
  • Made in the USA
  • Set for Both Front Doors
  • Comes with ARP Stainless install Hardware