Fiber Forged C10 Dash

Level 7 Motorsports

Regular price $3,000.00


Level 7 Motorsports has teamed up with Fiber Forged to Create a very special product.  When building a dedicated race truck we want to remove as much weight from the vehicle in specific locations and add accessibility to service parts.  We wanted to remove the weight of the factory steel dash and provide a quickly removable dash to allow us access to components mounted under the dash.

We cut the factory dash out of our yellow C10 and shipped it to Fiber Forged.  Their team 3D scanned our factory dash and created a model in computer software.  Together we decided what we wanted the new dash to look like and what features it needed to have.  Once the design was finalized a large piece of high density foam was 5 axis milled to give us a buck.  From there a mold was built to create these composite dashes from.

These dashes are available in glass mat and exposed carbon fiber.  The carbon fiber parts will come clear coated in either matte or full gloss clear coat.  These dashed will come pre-fit but will need to be trimmed at the firewall under the windshield.

To install this part you MUST cut the factory steel dash out of the truck and remove the windshield to give you access.

 *Photos of 1967-72 Coming Soon