Ford 9" Rear Gear 3rd Member Assembly

8 and 9 Inch Ford Rears

Regular price $1,795.00

  • Hand assembled third members by 8 and 9 Inch Ford Rears.
  • Available in either a standard HD case or a stronger nodular iron case.
  • HD Case is rated for 500hp at the Flywheel and comes with a 1330 Yoke
  • Nodular iron is recommended for higher HP and comes with a 1350 Yoke
  • All come with Eaton Truetrac (helical-gear style) Limit Slip Differential.
  • Available in either 31 or 35 Spline
  • Available in multiple gear options.
  • Ships for $65.00 within 14 days.

Click HERE to add a gasket for your installation.  Trust me, these are what you want!

Click HERE to add the gear oil that Eaton suggests for the Truetrac.

Due to the weight of this item, additional shipping charges apply on this part.