Tandem Mount Balance Bar Assembly w/ C10 Pushrod


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Wilwood’s Tandem Mount Balance Bar Assembly bolts in place of a typical horizontal bolt pattern tandem master cylinder and provides a sturdy mounting location for two race-type vertical bolt pattern master cylinders, with no custom fabrication needed. Providing The ultimate in brake bias control for performance and race vehicles is an adjustable balance bar with dual master cylinders. Ideal for modified street cars/trucks needing fast and easy brake bias adjustability to optimize braking for different performance driving situations and skillsets.

Level 7 is offering this package with the correct length push rod and hardware to make this a bolt on solution for your C10 / C1500 manual brake swap. We can provide the correct bore master cylinders for your specific brake packages as well. Simply enter your brake package information for help in selecting your bore sizes.

One of the benefits of having 2 separate master cylinders is the ability to upgrade your brakes with minimum parts exchange. You can change one master cylinder at a time to always keep the correct bore size for your caliper's piston surface area. This will ensure you're getting the most out of your braking system. 

This adjustable balance bar is a simple bolt on alternative to a much more complicated braking system. It allows you to control the brake pressure from front to rear with the turn of a knob. This is a valuable tool in competitive driving applications. 

We also offer firewall spacers and finish plates for your C10 as well.
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If you are purchasing this with master cylinder, we MUST know what brake package you have or will be purchasing.  We need to determine your piston surface area so that we can send the correct bore size master cylinders.  Put this information in the "Special Instructions for Seller" section of the checkout process.  Thank you. 

-Jesse V.