UMI Performance 1982-2003 S10/S15 Viking Front Coilover Kit, Bearing/Stud, Use with Coilover A-Arms, Race

UMI Performance

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Viking’s front coilover kit pairs perfectly with UMI’s 3057 a-arm and provides awesome performance at a great price point. Road race and auto-x cars can have increased rate and grip with an 850 lb/in spring paired with Viking Crusader GF valving. This Crusader high rebound rate shock is adjustable and easily goes from road race and auto-x use to a comfortable street ride. By increasing the rebound force, we can eliminate pitch and roll while making the car stay flat during transitions. The compression damping has a wide range and can be dialed in from comfortable cruise to race settings. The 3058-850 bolts into the stock upper mount location and does require trimming of the spring location fingers.

Kit includes: Two Viking Crusader shocks with GF pro-touring valving, two Hyperco springs and thrust bearing kit for easy height adjustments.


Spanner Wrenches ($25)

Thrust Bearing Kit ($25) - The thrust bearing kit is designed to be placed between the spring and the spring seat attached to the coilover shock. This allows for easier adjustment since the spring seat is rotating on a bearing. This kit is recommended for easier adjustment but is not needed to complete the installation. We do not recommend adjusting vehicle height on the car without using a thrust bearing kit.


  • Street friendly performance 850 lb/in spring rate.
  • Viking Crusader double adjustable shocks.
  • Adjustable compression.
  • Adjustable high rebound Crusader GF valving.
  • Direct bolt-in with no welding, minor trimming required.
  • Designed to be used with UMI P/N 3057-1 lower a-arm.