Sikky TR6060 4″ Relocation Short Throw Shifter


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Level 7 is proud to sell this Sikky 4" relocation shifter to the customer who has purchased a used TR6060 for their C10 truck.  Why this shifter?  Because it puts the shifter in the same location as what a T56 Magnum shifter, in the standard location, but flipped would be.  This location is perfect for 73-87 C10 owner or 67-72 C10 truck using bucket seats.  Pair this shifter with the Bowler Performance 14" lever and you will have the perfect combination of parts.  With the extra adjustability of the Bowler lever, you will be able to dial in shift lever location.  

Sikky - Designed and Manufactured in the USA using only the best materials.  We CNC machine the base plate from 6061 Billet Aluminum and clear anodize for increased durability and corrosion resistance.  The heavy duty shift rods and linkages are CNC machined from Stainless Steel.  Our shifters incorporate a boot on the top side of the front rod to eliminate any worries of leaking that are common with other brand shifters.  All this attention to detail and quality insure your Sikky shifter will stand the test of time and handle any abuse you throw at it.


  • Relocates the shift rod location back 4″ from the forward 4 bolt location (9 inches forward of factory)
  • Reduces shift throw by 40% for faster shifts
  • Works with a variety of Engine swap and Transmission swap applications-Direct bolt on for the Tremec TR6060 Transmission
  • Does not include shift rod

Why did we design this shifter?

In the past if the shift rod on your transmission didn’t line up with the factory shifter opening in the transmission tunnel then cutting and modifying the sheet metal was required to make it work. To make matters worse this would often locate the shift rod in a less than desirable location where it was too far of a reach or too close.  Making shifts awkward and difficult.  Why cut up the sheet metal on your car or deal with uncomfortable shifts?  Customers can use the Sikky Shifter relocation as a quick and easy fix to these problems. So whether your car is designed for use on the street or track, you can count on the Sikky shifter to provide precise fit and smooth crisp shifts.

Fitment Notes:

  • Commonly used for many different engine and transmission swaps into import and domestic vehicles, including hot rods, as well as off-road vehicles or anything you are swapping a TR6060 transmission into.
  • Fits only  5th Gen Camaro TR6060   Transmissions