Ridetech Bolt-On 4-Link System | 1965-1979 F-100 2WD


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The classic Ford F-100 and F-150 platform presents some unique challenges when setting out to build a suspension system that delivers the ride and handling people have come to expect from a Ridetech suspension system.

The old Ford was designed and built for a different era – back when the speed limit was 55 and trucks were meant to work hard. We utilize a proven 4 link design to provide a low stance and still retain full use of the bed floor and load capacity of the truck. The Ridetech bolt-in c-notch, just like our bolt-in front cross member, is designed to actually improve the strength of the original frame and provides all the mounts for our new control arms and panhard bar.

Rear 4-Link Suspension:

  • Removes factory leaf spring suspension and bracketry
  • Complete parallel 4-link with panhard and c-notches
  • Works with Coilover or Shockwaves Air Suspension
  • Includes R-Joints on all links for smooth, bind free, quite operation and long life
  • Optimized roll center and anti-squat (60% anti-dive) for amazing traction and elimination of wheel hop
  • High quality satin black powder coat finish
  • Reduces rear weight by 50 lbs
  • 1965-1972 – No bed modification needed
  • 1973-1979 – Slight bed support rail modification needed (not visible from the top side of the truck
  • Compatible with short bed and long bed trucks

Suspension system shock and spring options:

This system can use Ridetech coil-overs or Shockwave air suspension to provide options for adjustability to your classic Ford. The coil-overs and provide adjustable ride height and easy to swap Hypercoil springs. The Shockwaves mount just like coil-overs and provide full adjustability over spring rate / load capacity / ride height using air pressure. Along with providing the ability to “air-out” and lower the truck completely when parked for a super aggressive stance, the air suspension also significantly enhanced the ability to cary a wide range of loads while maintaining adequate suspension travel and ride quality. 

This rear system is designed to lowers ride height by approximately 5”. Air suspension option with Shockwaves will lower an additional 3” when parked and fully deflated.

Both Coil-overs and Shockwaves use the same shock with 24-position rebound adjustment clicks, you fine tune the shocks to your driving preferences and vehicle demands. Advanced Fox Factory Shock Technology hides within the shocks.