RideTech 1973-1987 C10 Bolt-On 4 Link System


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The Bolt-On Rear 4-Link System for 1973-1987 C10 replaces the leaf springs to provide excellent ride quality, handling, traction and load capacity.  It is completely bolt-on and provides mounting for Shockwaves or Coil-Overs. The panhard is adjustable so you can maximize tire clearance at the new lowered height and the mount has been located to optimize the bar length and angle for the lowered height. This helps keep the rearend centered in the truck and lowers the roll center to minimize body roll. The R-Joint rod ends combine the best qualities of low friction movement, lateral stability, full range articulation, and quiet operation into one special bearing that is as home on the street as it is on the racetrack!  The heavy-duty C-notches are included with the kit and FIT the frame rail.  Compatible with all cab and bed configurations.


  • Made in the USA
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Lower ride height approximately 6″ (additional 3″ with air suspension)
  • Eliminated spring wrap / wheel hop
  • Increased compression travel with heavy-duty c-notch
  • Durable satin black powder coat
  • Optimized roll center height for confident cornering
  • Adjustable panhard bar with R-Joint rod ends
  • Correct pinion angle to eliminate driveline vibration
  • Designed for use with Coil-Overs or ShockWave air suspension (sold separately)