R-Joint Rod End for use in No Limit Engineering Fatbar 4 Link.


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Ridetech R-Joint rod end are arguably the best rod end in our industry.  They feature a design that allows them to rotate 30º and has nearly and infinite service life.  We install these rod ends in conjunction with our Delrin bushings to free up rotation in the No Limit Engineering Fat Bar 4 link system.


R-Joints are a revolutionary rod end design that provides low friction, full range articulation, long service life, lateral stability and quiet operation. 

  • Articulates in 3 planes 360 degree axial rotation and 30 degrees of total lateral rotation. 
  • 17-4 investment cast stainless steel housing with rolled threads.
  • Polished stainless ball and RTX10 composite cage provides consistent low friction movement.
  • Special RTX10 composite cage needs NO lubrication.
  • Self cleaning design…movement not affected by ANY water, grit, dirt, or debris.
  • Spring loaded closure keeps mechanism tight and rattle free for LIFE!
  • Kit Includes (x5) rod ends designed to replace the rod ends on your No Limit Engineering Fat Bar 4 Link.  (Chassis end of each bar)
  • No modification required to install.
  • Complete the install with our Delrin bushings for the opposing ends of the link bars. (No Limit Fat Bar only) Find them HERE
  • Made in the USA