Purefit Indoor C10 Car Cover -Squarebody


Regular price $625.00

Purfits custom indoor covers are the pinnacle of luxury, they are designed to hug and hold every contour of your vehicle. The look and feel is unbeatable while protecting your car at the same time. A fantastic cover that breathes and stops dings inside your garage for years to come.  

  • Purfit’s exclusive & famous indoor stretch fabric
  • Polycotton knit with spandex added
  • Unique 4way stretch for the ultimate fit
  • Follows the exact contours of your vehicle
  • 100% Cotton fleece on the inside
  • Available in 3 colours 
  • 4year Warranty
  • Fabric is made 185cm wide so less seams
  • If your C10 has a custom wing or a level 7 wing we will need to know.