Powermaster Alternator for Holley Mid Mount Accessory Drive

Level 7 Motorsports

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Are you burning up alternators on your Holley Mid Mount Accessory Drive?  We have worked with Powermaster to resolve the issue.  The alternator that comes from Holley suffers from two issues.  The primary issue is that the pulley ratio is off substantially and over spins the alternator.  The second issue is that they have an internal grounding problem and causes them to search for ground and will burn out the voltage regulator.  This alternator comes with an external ground stud and can be grounded to the engine with a cable.  It also comes with a 3" pulley and slows the rpm down enough to make it live in a more severe racing environment.  Our yellow and white square body has been running this alternator now for a full season with no issue.  Previously we would burn up an alternator every race weekend.

This is a direct replacement for the many different Holley Mid Mount Accessory Drive systems.  These are commonly referred to as the "Hair Pin" LT style alternator.

  • Made in the USA
  • 3" Pulley
  • Black Coating
  • External Ground Stud
  • LT Style Fitment
  • The belt supplied with an LS Mid Mount Kit is a 675K6.  This alternator will require a 695K6 belt.  Select the option for us to include it.