Power Steering Cooler Kit for C10 Trucks.

Level 7 Motorsports

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This Setrab Power Steering Cooler Kit is our go to here at L7M when building out a power steering cooling system.  It includes a Setrab ProLine cooler, universal mounting brackets with hardware, and M22 to 6AN push lock hose ends. Some fabrication will be required to mount the cooler in your desired location. 

Level 7 Motorsports offers many options from the Setrab product line. The Setrab ProLine range power steering and oil coolers are the most flexible high-performance coolers on the market. The ProLine series integrates low-profile 22mm female ports for adaptability to any system using ProLine adapter fittings.  The stacked-plate design offers the advantage of many height possibilities within the various widths. In addition, this technique coupled with state-of-the-art brazing technology makes for a durable, highly-efficient, and beautifully simplistic design. 

This kit includes

  • Setrab Proline P/S Cooler 11"x4"x2"
  • Setrab Proline P/S Cooler Universal Mounting Kit
  • Setrab M22 to -6AN Push Lock Hose End, 90º
  • Setrab M22 to -6AN Push Lock Hose End, Straight

*Optional P.S. Cooler Line Kit includes High and Low Pressure Lines*