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The No Limit Engineering ProTech Raised Rail Chassis has been Level 7's go-to chassis for years.  Why?  Rob McGregor of NLE has had a specific focus on the protouring truck chassis now for over 20 years.  His passion and drive to build the best performing truck chassis on the market led us to purchase our first chassis from him about 7 years ago.  Now after years of his truck chassis' being on the street and race track, we have seen many upgrades and improvements be applied to his design.  This continual strive for improvement is a focus that Level 7 shares and is happy to support.  Honesty about price, lead time, and quality are areas where other manufactures fall short.  We along with NLE want to provide you with the best performing truck chassis on the market.  These chassis can be shipped directly from NLE to you or from Level 7.  Some of the options that you select will require the chassis to come to US to complete.  Those items include the DSE floater conversion, our plumbing, our powder coating, JRI hydralift, etc.

With over 30+ options to choose from, this Chassis is completely customizable. Each  base chassis includes the frame, cab, bed and bumper mounts. They have a complete Wide Ride front suspension and a Fat Bar rear suspension with single adjustable coilovers. The base chassis comes with rear Ford Explorer brakes; however, we do suggest upgrading to the Wilwood 12.88"-14" front & rear rotor with the 4"-6" red or black piston calipers. If you choose, your brake hardlines can be plumbed at NLE or Level 7.

You will also be able to choose from 2 ride heights:

  • A stock rail with standard spindle for an 8"-10" ride height. (This option requires no body modifications)
  • A raised rail with dropped spindles for a 5"-7" ride height. (This option does require raising the bed floor, and some possible transmission tunnel modifications.)

 Other options include:

  • Red urethane or black delrin bushings
  • Torino Ford 9", Floater 9" or DSE floater 9" rear axle
  • Your choice to add a chassis mount battery box
  • Your choice to include a trailer hitch

If you have any questions about the chassis performance, which options are right for you, or any of the additional options, please send us an email at


***Shipping to be quoted after purchase!***