LS/LT Swap Engine Mount Brackets for 1988-98 C1500

Hooker BlackHeart

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Level 7 Motorsports has found what we believe is the perfect set of LS/LT swap mount brackets for the 1988-98 OBS Chevy platform. We use this set of brackets here in the shop and love the stock location of the engine. It gives plenty of clearance for the steering shaft, accessory drive, and intake pipe. We also offer a Level 7 exclusive set of OBS specific swap headers to use in conjunction with these engine mounts.

-Follow the link below for the headers designed to be used with these brackets.
OBS Specific LS Swap Headers

-Follow the link below for the LS engine swap motor mounts.

Hooker BlackHeart application-specific LS/LT swap engine mounting brackets eliminate the installation guesswork and compatibility uncertainty that comes with using universal swap plate mounting methods. These mounting brackets are available with forward-bias, or rearward-bias engine mounting positions that optimize powertrain placement based on user-selected transmission, transfer case and driveshaft compatibility/retention priorities. The factory transmission crossmember is re-used with these mounting brackets (cost savings since driveshafts and crossmember are re-used). Factory LS Vortec exhaust manifolds can be used along with the engine mounting brackets and are required to support a street-legal engine change (with catalytic converters). Off-Road racing applications can use Hooker BlackHeart BH13272 Gen-V LT Swap Headers. Mounts feature a black powder-coated finish and Include (2) engine mounting brackets, attaching hardware and instructions.


  • Premium Engine Mounting Brackets – for Two-Wheel Drive 1/2-Ton Trucks

  • Premium Engine Mount Brackets are Used with Hooker Blackheart Clamshells (71221018HKR for LS engines, or 71221019HKR for LT engines) with Through Bolts 71223015HKR, and Poly Inserts 71221016HKR (Black) or 71221017HKR (Red)

  • The Modular Design of the Premium Engine Mounts Provides Expanded Accessory Drive Component Compatibility and Allows Future Engine Changes from GM LS to Gen-V LT by Merely Changing the Engine Mount Clamshells

  • Fore/Aft Engine Mounting Engine Position Options – Optimizes Powertrain Placement Based on User-selected Transmission, Transfer Case and Driveshaft Compatibility/Retention Priorities

  • Forward-Bias Engine Location Provides Enhanced T56 Magnum Transmission Fitment and Engine Accessory Drive Compatibility in 2WD Applications

  • Rear-Bias Engine Location (Stock Bellhousing Plane Position) Allows an Existing Transmission and Driveshaft to Remain Undisturbed, if Desired

  • Compatible with Factory Vortec Exhaust Manifolds for Use in 50-State Legal LS Engine Swap (with Appropriate Catalytic Converters)

  • Compatible with Hooker Blackheart BH13272 Gen-V LT Swap Headers for Racing and Competition Applications

  • Factory Driveshafts and Transmission Crossmember are Re-Used with Engine Swap

  • Fabricated 1/4" Steel Plate Construction - Provides a Strong, Durable Mounting Solution

  • Semi-Gloss Black Powder Coat - for a Durable Corrosion Resistant Finish

  • Allows Use of Electric Cooling Fan, or Factory Vortec Mechanical Cooling Fan

  • Compatible Oil Pans: Factory GM Truck LS Oil Pan, 302-2, 302-3, or 302-20