LOJ Frontier Transmission Swap Speedometer Pickup

Level 7 Motorsports

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The LOJ Conversions Frontier Transmission Speedometer Pickup is engineered to the highest ISO 9000 quality standards in the industry. This speedometer pickup allows older vehicles which do not have ABS sensors to pick up the vehicle speed from the input flange of the driveshaft. The sensor provided in this kit is a magnetic pickup type sensor which provides the same type of signal as the Z32 300ZX, S13 and S14 240SX, and other Nissan and Infiniti vehicles of the same era as well as the two-wire T56 speedo output. 

All components are 100% made in the USA.

Whats Included:

  • Powdercoated steel pickup bracket.
  • Forged Driveshaft Yolk with Reluctor Ring Pre-Installed (also available without a yolk for installation onto your existing driveshaft)
  • Speed Sensor with Single Output
  • Hardware, Crimp Connectors, and Heat Shrink

The included forged driveshaft yolk is designed to work with 1310 U-joints. If you are running a driveshaft for higher horsepower applications (1000+WHP) and require a 1350 compatible yolk, please select the appropriate option. 1350 yolks are not stocked and are special order. They require an additional two to three week lead time.

Note: Speed output is 17PPR (17 pulses per revolution) of the driveshaft which is the same as a T56 Transmission. The stock Nissan 300ZX and 240SX speed sensors are 4PPR. In order for your speedometer to read properly in these vehicles, a signal converter may be required. 

IMPORTANT: This speedo sensor pickup will ONLY work with road going live axle vehicles with around 7" of rear axle travel depending on driveshaft length. The reluctor wheel is 0.5" thick, which allows the signal to remain consistent within a range of driveshaft plunge travel within the transmission. See list below to determine if this sensor will work for your live axle application.

  • 40" Driveshaft Length - 6.5" Axle Travel
  • 50" Driveshaft Length - 7" Axle Travel
  • 60" Driveshaft Length - 7.75" Axle Travel
  • 70" Driveshaft Length - 8.75" Axle Travel

If you have a multipiece driveshaft or an IRS vehicle, it will work in all applications.

If you are building a long travel off road application, this is NOT the setup for you, unless you are ok with the signal dropping out at the extremes of suspension travel.

If you order the kit with the reluctor ring ONLY, YOU are responsible for ensuring your existing yolk has the correct diameter shoulder for attachment. The required diameter is 2.290" (58.1mm). The included ring will need to be tac-welded in place.