Fat Bar 4-Link Rear Suspension - C10 Chevy / GMC

No Limit Engineering

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Are you using a stock frame or a NLE raised rail rear section?
Delrin is a self lubricating plastic with a MUCH greater service life.
These are the joints and the chassis end of each rod. The R-Joint offers much greater articulation and eliminate binding.
Would you like a rear end housing included in this order?
Would you like a 9" Third Member Added to this Order?

No Limit Engineering's Fatbar 4-link suspension is designed for TRUCKS!  NLE uses a 200-250lb spring and a 5" stroke shock for a smoother ride, rather than many other kits that use a 3" stroke shock.

This means they must use a 300/350lb. spring. The longer bar that is used allows a smoother weight transfer, which trucks desperately need.

This kit comes with a 30" rear mounted panhard rod that has less radial deflection and lower roll center than short, top mounted locators.

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