Fuel Tank / Rear Axle Breather Canister

Level 7 Motorsports

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Fab-Worx vent canisters are built in the USA and are machined from T6061 aluminum then anodized black.  Both the fuel tank and rear axle need to have the ability to vent and equalize pressure during operation.  This canister allows ventilation while also offering some fluid storage capacity in the situation that fluid is forced up the vent hose.  While offering ventilation, these canisters eliminate unwanted fuel and gear oil odor.  You can keep the vehicle parked in your home garage without upsetting your family members by having a smelly vehicle!

They come with a 90º mounting bracket, drill template, hardware, and sintered bronze filters.

These canisters are intended for exterior mounting only.  If mounting inside of a passenger compartment, you would need to remote the filters outside of the vehicle.

  • Made in the USA
  • Dual Chambers
  • Includes Mounting Brackets and Hardware
  • Includes Filters for Both Chambers