1967-87 C10 DSE Quick Ratio Steering Box

Detroit Speed

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You can now achieve rack and pinion steering performance with a bolt-in steering gear. This steering gear is used to replace the common GM 800 series power steering box used from 1968 to 1991.

Detroit Speed has engineered a brand new, not rebuilt, steering box that provides the performance and feel you would expect from a late model performance car through "Detroit Tuned" rack and pinion valve technology, low-friction gear design, and 12.7:1 quick ratio gearing. This new power steering box is lighter than the factory steering box. Your original power pitman arm may be used.

  • All new steering gear unit, Not rebuilt
  • Improved steering feel due to low-friction gear design
  • “Detroit Tuned” precision rack and pinion valve technology
  • Late model performance car feel
  • Quick ratio 12.7:1
  • Original power pitman arm may be used
  • Lighter than stock steering box
  • A new 3/4 x 30 spline rag joint (3-1/4” OD) is available through Detroit Speed
  • New O-ring power steering hoses are needed
  • DSE Steering Gear Outlet Fittings not included

NOTE: To install this steering box on a 1967 C Series truck, frame modifications in the steering box area are required

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