Driven Racing Oil XP6

Level 7 Motorsports

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Driven Racing Oil XP6 synthetic racing motor oil provides excellent bearing oil film thickness and high temperature protection. It is designed for aluminum blocks and looser clearances and recommended for methanol fuel and high temperature applications (Oil temperatures above 240 degrees F).

Racing applications:

* Designed for aluminum blocks and looser clearances
* Works well in both wet or dry sump engines
* 410 sprint engines
* Hydraulic lifter wet sump engines
* Ford and Dodge crate engines
* Off-road truck engines
* Engines designed for SAE 50 weight oils
* Engines operating with oil temperatures from 240 to 320 degrees F

  • Synthetic 
  • 1 quart 
  • 15W50
  • Sold Individually 
  • Not ZDDP enhanced