60-61 C10 5.75" LED Headlight Kit

Vintage Car LEDs

Regular price $234.00

The VC3500 is nearly as bright as the top of the line VC4000 but at a discounted price! It still features LEDs that are mounted in a way that exactly duplicates the location of the filaments in a Halogen bulb. This allows the VC3500 to have the best beam pattern possible while still taking advantage of all the benefits of an LED bulb.

The electronic components are embedded in silicon that makes them waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. 

Each kit includes:

  • 2 assembled Glass H4 DOT spec 5.75″ housings
  • 2 LED bulbs.
  • Classic lens has the curved front lens. (This lens has a more classic look)
  • German Hella H4 lens
  • May require modification to fit high beam headlight buckets

NOTE: Sold as a pair.  Requires quantity 2 to replace all 4 lights on a 60-61 C10