Wide Ride IFS

No Limit Engineering

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Please tell us what engine you have.
Delrin is a self lubricating plastic with a MUCH greater service life.
Holley 302-2 Oil Pan is required with an LS Engine

Level 7 Motorsports has been using No Limit Engineering products since 2014 and have been very happy with their performance.  The NLE wide ride is the simple solution to poor suspension / steering geometry and handling.  While there are many other bolt-on suspension companies on the market, the NLE Wide Ride moves the front roll center up. Moving the roll center controls movement of the vehicle without the need for massive spring rates and sway bar rates. NLE also designed their own spindle to place the upper ball joint and tie rod in an optimal position.  There is now great camber gain while still using an OE ball joint.  The Ackerman steering angle is also much improved and unlocks a much greater handling potential by increasing the force on the outside tire.

Wide Ride IFS includes:

  • Custom bolt-in CNC Formed Crossmember
  • Tubular Upper & Lower Control Arms w/ Choice of Bushing
  • No Limit ZG Spindles
  • Choice of 5 Lug Bolt Pattern
  • RideTech or Viking Coilovers as Standard
  • Track tested No Limit Sway Bars
  • Multiple Rack and Pinion Options

Explanation of Options

The wide ride is supplied with a D52 caliper and drilled rotor as seen in photos below.  However, we offer larger Wilwood brake packages instead of the OE brakes.  One of the samples can be seen in photo number 6.  Slotted rotors from Wilwood will be the choice for those looking for the best performance.  However these rotors do not come coated.  There is an option for a slotted and drilled rotor that is coated.  This would be the choice for the street truck who wants a nice set of brakes.  

The Flaming River rack and pinion can be seen in photo number 5 and is out recommended rack.  The standard rack works very well but we have seen them develop leaks over time and need to be replaced or remanufactured.  We have had zero issues with Flaming River rack and have probably sold 20-30 of them now.

The control arms come standard with a red polyurethane bushing standard.  We have seen premature wear from these bushings and have been using the Delrin replacement now for years with zero failures.  Delrin also requires zero lubrication, looks much better, requires less breakaway torque (freer movement), and has much less deflection. Photo number 7.

The engine mounts can be seen in photo number 9 (used for SB, BB, and LS)

LS adapter plates are shown in photo number 8.