Squarebody C10 Tailgate Latch and Cable Kit


Regular price $425.00

 The kits will come with everything you need to swap out your old tailgate hardware to this new kit. The kit reuses your factory handle and rods that connect the handle to the latches. Installation requires ZERO welding. Cutting is also limited to just the removal of one tab per side, which is then covered up by the new latch mounting plate. All the holes for mounting are existing holes. One per side needs to be modified/ drilled out/ enlarged to accommodate a nutsert (provided with the kit). This is a fairly easy install that most anyone can handle. It will not damage the factory paint at all, as long as you're careful cutting off the tab in the tail gate jamb area. The brackets come in raw steel so that you can paint match them to your truck.


*****These kits will not fit 73-75 tailgates*****

*****The 76-80 tailgates require trimming in the tailgate jam, and the cables need to be twisted 90 degrees when installed.*****

*****See the Youtube video below for install procedures*****