LOJ CD009 / LSX Transmission adapter Kit

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The LOJ Conversions Gen III/IV Small Block Chevy (LS) to Nissan VQ35DE (350Z non-HR) Transmission Adapter allows for the use of the Nissan "CD009" manual transmission. This transmission option opens the door for a more budget friendly approach to converting your C10 to a modern 6 speed manual transmission.  The straight-forward approach and overall simple design will allow a seamless integration of any 3rd or 4th Generation Chevrolet Small Block with the readily available and robust FS6R31A Nissan Transmission found in the Z33 350Z and Infiniti G35.

This works with CD001 through CD00A transmissions. When everyone thinks of this transmission, they think of "CD009", but that is simply a part number that Nissan assigned to the 9th revision of the transmission. The complete part number for these transmissions started at 32010-CD001 for the first version Nissan made. Every time they changed a part inside, whether it be a bearing change, a syncro change, etc... they rolled the part number. There have been 10 versions of this transmission to date, and this adapter works with ALL of them!

32010-CD001, 32010-CD002, 32010-CD003, 32010-CD004, 32010-CD005, 32010-CD006, 32010-CD007, 32010-CD008, 32010-CD009, 32010-CD00A 

These kits require NO modifications to your transmission!** The kit is designed to be 100% Bolt on. Only one small modification to the LS engine block is required (see pictures). This small casting boss needs to be removed to make clearance for the starter.

The billet flywheel is designed to bolt directly to the LS engine, no spacers or adapters required. The mini hi-torque starter will crank over your high compression built LS engines with ease!

  • Made in the USA
  • Includes new: starter, flywheel, dust shield, pilot bushing, and hardware
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